What is Spree Solo?

Solo is a financed marketing program introduced by Spree to support startups, self-managed businesses and micro sized companies. We want you to enjoy the same professional marketing services and benefits offered to big companies and corporates in the market.

Spree sponsors up to 90% of the actual cost and value of these services but only to a restricted selected segment that matches our terms and conditions.

If your answer is YES to the following questions we’re here to save the day! Do you own a business but don’t know where or how to begin? Do you not know how to stand against the market’s tough competitors? Are you struggling to get suitable marketing budgets to grow your business? Do you feel lost and don’t know how or where to showcase your products/services? Do you not know how to reach you target audience?

Spree Solo is a rescue for small/micro businesses and startups. We want to put you on the right track and offer you bigger exposure. We want to give you maximum output with little input and help you reach your client base in the most efficient way. Spree Solo offers you a full program where your Brand/ Name can be professional and recognized!

Professional Services

We will amend or create a professional logo for you.

You will get one hour of professional consultancy every month from business experts.



Your own unique website design

Website hosting service

Online Store

Spree Editor (Customize and edit your own website ANYTIME by yourself)

Both Arabic & English websites

Professional emails with your own domain (Eg: Info@yourname.com)

Capacity 2 GB (Website + Email)


Facebook page creation

Facebook cover

One Facebook post per week

6 Posts for events all year round (Easter, Valentine, Christmas,..) (Max 1/month)

1000 EGP/monthly recommended for Facebook ads to help in reaching your audience and promote our website (Spree’s management & targeting fees is on us and it is free for you).


Why are we special?

Spree believes that communities rise by helping each other, we want to make a difference by offering opportunities for hard workers, that’s why we have created this program to help brands gain the recognition they truly deserve. Profit is not our main aim, we want to make startup owners’ lives easier and give them the helping hand that they’re looking for. That’s why this program is for startups and small businesses only!

What are the benefits?

Website and social media advertisement and presence is cost-effective compared to print advertisement and enables you to make on-the-fly changes. You will have wider demographic reach and enhanced exposure and sales. When you have a professional looking and user-friendly website you immediately gain business credibility. It’s also a competitive opportunity, not to mention the great client base you’re building with time.

What is your responsibilities?

You will need to dedicate some time and reply to your social media customers’ comments/messages in order to assure their satisfaction. You will need to update your website content frequently and will inform us if you need professional help or recommendations.

Package price

One time program subscription of 1550 EGP to create everything for you





Tools license

Followed by 945 EGP / Month for the services provided such as

( Hosting maintenance - Social media posts - Artwork - eCommerce store - Consultancy services )

No hidden costs, no unmentioned fees, no revenues shares, no commission & no price increase throughout the subscription period. The subscription is for one year and renewed only with Spree’s approval.

Who can apply?

  • To subscribe to our program you will have to get approved by our internal committee assuring your eligibility:
  • You will fill a submission form and attach a 1-2 pages document describing your business and your expansion plan for your first year
  • Owners, partners or one of them should be directly managing the business.
  • You can’t have more than 10 employees.
  • Your monthly profit is less than 25K EGP
  • You should be taking the business seriously and ambitious enough to grow it.
  • Willing to advertise yourself with 1K EGP per month or more (to 3rd parties like Facebook)