Spree Business

Spree business is a cost-effective marketing initiative package provided by Spree to support small and mid-size companies to benefit the same professional marketing service provided to big players and corporates in the market. You will get all-inclusive package covering most of your electronic online needs supporting you to get to the next level with the minimum cost burden on your business. Spree business offers you a full package where your brand/ Name can be professional and recognized!


What do we offer?

  • Website

    - Your own unique website design (built by our professional team)
    - Website hosting service
    - Online Store (active and functional inside your own web page)
    - Spree Editor (Customize and edit your own website ANYTIME by yourself)
    - Both Arabic & English web sites.
    - Professional emails with your own domain (E.g.: employee@yourdomain.com)
    - Capacity 5 GB (Website + Email)

  • Social Media

    - Facebook & Instagram pages creation
    - Facebook cover
    - One Facebook post per week
    - 6 Posts for events all year round (Easter, Valentine, Christmas...) (Max 1/month)
    - Free Ads management and targeting services (you will pay for the ads and we will do the work without any management fees up to 1000 EGP of adds).
    - 16 Hours of daily moderation through our dedicated call center

Why are we special?

Spree believes that communities rise by helping each other, we want to make a difference by offering opportunities for hard workers, that’s why we have created this program to help brands gain the recognition they truly deserve. Profit is not our main aim, we want to make startup owners’ lives easier and give them the helping hand that they’re looking for. That’s why this program is for startups and small businesses only!

What is your responsibilities?

You will need to dedicate some time and reply to your social media customers’ comments/messages in order to assure their satisfaction. You will need to update your website content frequently and will inform us if you need professional help or recommendations.

Package price

No startup fee, No design fees, No installation fees and No initiation fees, we will build everything for you then Only 4999 EGP/ monthly towards our monthly services (hosting, web site edit/design tools, social media posts, artwork, ecommerce store, moderation, artwork…) . No hidden costs, no unmentioned fees, no share revenues, no commission & no price increase for the full contracted period. You can enhance your package by extra weekly posts, more social platforms, videos & more artwork (just ask for more and will do that for nominal fees)

How can I subscribe/apply?

  • To subscribe in our package, we will need to know more about you, please contact us so we can help
    Email: business@
    Call +20 1212544400
    Visit our web page www. and apply.
    Visit us physically at our prime location at Smart village the hub of technology in Egypt